WEN LAMBO DApp Now Fully Supports ETH (ERC20) and BSC (BEP20) Tokens

2 min readJul 15, 2021
Wen Lambo DApp homepage

Since the launch just over a month ago, Wen Lambo has kept delivering new and exciting tools to revolutionise the cryptocurrency space. In just a short space of time, the DApp has brought together all the tools any cryptocurrency trader could possibly need into one easy to use platform.

Along side an extensive list of useful and innovative tools for charting and tracking cryptocurrency, the DApp now supports both ETH and BSC tokens. This means the DApp is now accessible to even more users. Tokens from both block chains can now be viewed and monitored across the DApp, including within the users wallet.

ETH and BSC tokens now supported on the DApp

Simply connect a wallet to view all tokens held within and their value in your local currency. If more than one wallet is in use, the ‘Diamond Wallets’ multi-save feature allows multiple wallets to be saved and monitored simultaneously.

Save your favourite tokens and wallets for ease of access. See a detailed rundown of transaction history for any token or wallet you choose. Check out the top trending tokens for hidden gems. Use the tools section to find top gainers and top losers in various time frames, for getting into projects early.

Use the swap feature to quickly grab any gems without even leaving the DApp. Wen Lambo DApp is convenient, easy to use, and backed by a strong and knowledgeable community. Now with both ETH and BSC tokens supported, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Head over to the DApp now to check it out.

For more information on the project, check out the other social media channels:

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