Big News at Wen Lambo!

New sleek Wen Lambo logo design. Geometric W in the Wen Lambo purple featuring the registered trademark symbol.

WEN LAMBO is getting a makeover!

With an expanding ecosystem and pioneering DApp updates, it is only right that the WEN LAMBO branding reflects the seriousness and significance of the project. Therefore, it has been decided that the logo will be revamped to move away from the meme coin association. The new look is sleek and sophisticated, and much better reflects the direction of the project. The logo update is just another step in a long stream of constant improvement and hard work. The team at Wen Lambo never rest, constantly striving to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency technology. The new logo will be deployed alongside the iOS and Android mobile App, which will be launching soon!

Official Trademark holder of WEN LAMBO!

It is not only the DApp that Wen Lambo has been working hard on in recent times. Plenty has been going on behind the scenes to protect and benefit the Wen Lambo users and investors. It is with delight, that the Wen Lambo team can now announce they are the owners of the trademark to Wen Lambo, meaning that no other project can legally operate within the cryptocurrency space using the Wen Lambo name.

Infringement of this will not be taken lightly. The team will look to file against any project using the Wen Lambo name or any variation that could create a likelihood of confusion. This is with the intention to have them de-listed from exchanges, indexes and social media platforms. The team have worked hard on the branding and reputation of the project, and it is time to protect this.

Look out for the ‘R’ logo against all Wen Lambo branding. This signifies the ownership of the trademark and therefore it can be assured the real Wen Lambo is being interacted with.

More to come…

Even bigger news will be announced this weekend.. STAY TUNED!

We are at the forefront of Cryptocurrency and block chain technology at the moment, and the future is bright!


Don’t forget to head over to the other Wen Lambo Social media channels to be kept up to date with all the latest things.

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